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Basic phone photography for store owners



Basic phone photography for Store Owners

Visuals are quite important for marketing. They are like the heart of productivity in sales because that's how you get the attention of your customers.  Therefore, getting your product photos to look nice and catchy should be your priority. Thanks to our mobile devices. You wouldn't have to get those fancy cameras or, go through the hassle of learning how to design using computer editing applications which eats up the time that could be used for other things. You can get to pool off stunning and high-quality photos for your products with the same smartphone in your hand.

Here are some basic tips to improve your phone photography skills.

1.    Set your camera focus on what you are about to shoot

To take a good shot, use your phone's camera autofocus on whatever you intend to shoot.  This would also mean that you observe what your camera is focusing on.  Adjusting it sharpens the view and determines where the customer's eyes go at first glance.  To adjust the lens of your smartphone camera, go to the camera app and tap on where you want the camera to increase its focus.

2.    Try taking photos from a unique angle

Taking a shot from an unexpected angle grabs the attention of the eyes when it doesn't see the norm.  It creates a form of illusion and uniqueness, bringing to life whatever the subject of the camera is.  You could try taking the shot directly below the subject or directly above it.

3.    Use the Camera's leading Lines

This helps you draw the customers eye towards a part of the frame. Your image is also aligned using leading lines, creating a sense of balance in the mind of the viewer. These leading lines could either be circular or square, whichever one, directs the eyes of your viewer.

4.    Be creative with colours

A little colour blocking makes your picture stand out.  Using colours that go together singles out the subject and turns the focus on it.  You could try colourizing your app and playing around with colourful backgrounds around you.

5.    Sharpen your camera to capture those "little things"

Capturing the tiny and delicate details, deliberately, shifts and keeps the customers eye to see everything you imagined while taking the shot.

6.    Try not to zoom

Zooming in on the subject from a distance kind of makes it look blurry and unattractive, although it can be tempting to zoom in on something specific but that'd affect the image's appearance. It's more advisable to capture and then crop later to still retain the sharpness.

7.    Implore proportion and balance

You can harmonize your photo by making it look more real and enticing to the eye.  With balance, the eye is compelled to be fixated on the subject as it brings composure to the mind and communicates the visual content easily.  You can set up your camera lens to not just focus on what is tapped but also on reflections behind it.

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