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Understanding E-Market Place


Understanding E-Marketplace

Have you been wondering what an E-marketplace is? Perhaps you just came across the word for the first time and don’t know exactly what it is. This short article will help enlighten you greatly. 

What is an E-marketplace?
First E-marketplace simply means an Online marketplace (Hence the letter “E” to mean Electronic or Internet - Online).

An online marketplace is a replica of the physical marketplaces around you, the only difference is buyers and sellers meet Online, using Mobile devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops to execute and close transactions.

Here, buyers and sellers can interact effectively without having to step a foot outside their locations. The E-marketplace, also known as, an E-commerce website, is a platform (website) developed to promote trades and improve efficiency for owner, the platform owners, sellers and buyers. 

Benefits of an E-marketplace

ryan-hoffman-Cs4GVbMqKGY-unsplash.jpg?1625319039799Now that you have seen and understood what an E-marketplace is, you need to know the benefits due to all the parties on the platform. Here, we have put together a list of major benefits of using E-marketplaces for commerce which:

• Allows vendors to own and manage their website.
• Enables vendors to reach a wider market with potential customers.
• Provides the buyer with a good number of alternative products to choose from.
• Allows for 24/7 service availability, that is, while you sleep, your business is still active.
• Drastically reduces the cost of managing your store and marketing products.
• Creates an extra source of income as you can run a full-time job alongside.
• Enables the location of your store within your area in google map to drive visibility

Thrive with ETH10k
EH10k is a multivendor marketplace created to foster working relationship between the sellers and buyers, while maintaining an environment where commerce thrives.

Our goal is to empower our local traders, businesspersons, and entrepreneurs to own their online store, with all premium features for seamless experience for all online shoppers, from the point of purchase to delivery.

To achieve this, every vendor MUST passed through a process of location, business documents and identity verification before onboarded and enabled as a store owner.

As a buyer, feel safe to purchase products on ETH10k, as the purchase will be from only verified vendors. Take advantage of the features that make life easier, such as the geolocation of stores closest to you, and automatic shipping and tracking of all orders, and the ease of getting the exact specifications you want in a product.

Did that interest you?
You need not wait any further, Sign up as a vendor to enjoy massive sales.
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The Perfect Shopping Square.


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